Sunday, March 30, 2008

Parent/Teacher Input Requested

In an attempt to find new and relevant fundraisers for the Hilsman PTO we are looking at a fundraiser that would have value for the students and families and make some money for the PTO. We would like to get some parent feedback on the following opportunity.

We are considering selling School Supply Sets. What this would involve is selling a set list of supplies recommended for each grade. Hilsman teachers have already supplied the lists and the fundraising company (which is affiliated with Staples) has already quoted us on each grades' list. The final price is up to the PTO so not set 100% yet but would be around $35 for the 6th and 8th grade and $40 for the seventh grade sets. We would have to sell them now before the end of this school year and then take delivery the first week of school in August. These prices are comparable to what you would pay for all the supplies on your own.

Some questions that need to be considered:

Are parents interested in this sort of thing?
Would parents be willing to spend the money now in Spring?
Is the price too high? (Many fundraising activities involve lower amounts)
Are there enough people willing to volunteer to help with this?
Would we get adequate support from teachers in distributing order sheets, etc?

Please reply back to this mail with your feedback and help us make a decision on whether to pursue this. Time is of the essence.

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