Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Publix fundraiser

If you or your friends or family shop at Publix you can help donate money to Hilsman without costing you a penny. Hilsman has received keychain cards that you can use every time you go to Publix. These cards are different from the ones at Kroger in that they are printed especially for Hilsman and are not linked to any individual so big brother can not track you! Cards are available in the school office and will be distributed at other events. These cards never expire and can be used at any Publix in Georgia, AL, SC and TN.

Box Tops for Education

Remember that the Box Tops for Education is a year-round activity. Tops can be brought in at any time. Put in a baggie or envelope with the Homeroom teacher's name on it. The school has already made a couple hundred dollars from this already.

School Supplies

Last year the PTO sponsored a program where you could pre-buy school supplies for the next school year at the end of this school year. Supplies were delivered the first day of classes. The kits were based on Hilsman teachers' official supplies lists. We are considering offering this service again this year, but we need to see if there is any interest. Please let us know your opinion. More info about the vendor is at http://www.schoolkidz.com

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