Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fundraising, Scholars Institute

Open House

There was a good crowd at Open House last night. Thanks to Anna Steffl and Kelly Sanders and the other volunteers for making a great meal for the school staff. This is one of the many activities supported by you, the PTO, through volunteerism and a bit of cash.


Your children all received a fundraising packet yesterday. If you have not seen it, you might want to ask about it. Two separate fundraisers were bundled into one envelope. There was the main envelope from QSP, but stuck inside was a smaller set of papers related to the coffee sale. If you have not participated in the fundraiser in the past, please take a look at the coffee. It is an excellent alternative if the QSP items are not to your taste. The sale continues until Oct 2.

Hilsman Scholars Institute

Mrs Srivastiva ( and Mrs. Clark ( have revived a program aimed at promoting academic excellence, community service and self-improvement. For a better explanation, please see the slide show available on our website:

Sex Education

Dr. Price is seeking a parent interested in serving on the School District Sex Education Committee. For details please contact Dr. Price at:

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